Vice President Investments | Financial Advisor


Tom provides the company with in-depth market research and analysis.  He worked as a broker for both Ryan Beck & Company and DH Blair, Josephthal & Co., prior to joining Gateway. Having a Psychology degree with a minor in business from Adelphi University, he understands that market trends are basically brought about by how market players act and behave.  He is well known around the office for his patience and perseverance and this reflects in every market play that he makes.  Each move is the result of long, tedious hours of number crunching and trend analysis to ensure his clients are getting the best quality of service.  This is the kind of dedication and determination he brings to the table. 

Helping people grow, protect and distribute their assets brings great satisfaction to him.  As a self-made man, Thomas personally understands the importance of primarily protecting one’s assets, secondly choosing the right investments to grow it in, and lastly he reiterates the value in diversifying one’s portfolio. By taking time to learn about each individual’s needs, he ensures that every client is provided with tailored recommendations to address their individual short and long term financial goals.

He is a licensed Series 7, 24, 63, health, and life insurance broker who runs and goes to the gym daily.  “This is the place where I meditate and really get into the zone, and to tell you the truth this is also the time when I get my best investment ideas.